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Although hearing aids play a role in helping overcome your hearing challenges, there is more to hearing care than fitting you with a hearing aid.

At Hearing Aid Source, we work with you to address your unique hearing needs with personalized service that includes comprehensive hearing assessments, advanced technology hearing aids, hearing aid repair, earwax removal, and custom hearing protection.

No matter what your hearing care needs, you can be sure we offer a level of customer care that fulfills your requirements.

Our primary focus is to make you comfortable and confident that you’re getting the best hearing solution that addresses your unique needs, specialized circumstances and personal preferences. To us, personalized hearing care means that our actions are defined by your decisions.

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Patient Stories

Reflecting on his hearing loss, Jordan says, “I began realizing I had hearing loss very gradually. It took me several years and more than one test before acknowledging that I could benefit from hearing devices.”

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Friendly and eager to help


Herb realized he had a hearing loss when he found himself struggling with conversations. He recalls, “I did notice I was not hearing everything that was said – by someone in the room or on TV.

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This is a good place to go.

Herb Koplowitz

Nikki’s ears and rock concerts were not a good combination – as she soon found out.

She says, “Years ago, after standing too close to the speakers at an outdoor rock concert, I noticed my hearing felt odd. When it happened again, I realized there might be an issue.”

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These guys are great!