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Earwax Removal: The Where, What, How, and Why

by | Jun 6, 2024 | Earwax

Noticed a sudden hearing loss that seems to have popped up out of nowhere? You might have a blockage in your ears caused by excess earwax.

If you’re wondering how to know if you need earwax removed, where to get earwax removal or what happens during an earwax removal appointment, we’re here to help answer those questions for you!

How Do I Know I Need Earwax Removed?

Excess earwax is nothing to be ashamed of; our ears naturally produce cerumen to protect our ear canals from incoming dust and debris. However, too much earwax can cause impactions and blockages in your ears, which lead to sudden hearing loss and even balance problems.

Other symptoms of earwax impaction include headaches, itchiness within the ear canal, earaches and, for those with hearing aids, poor hearing aid performance since the sound is blocked by the earwax.

If you’ve noticed some trouble hearing that came on suddenly, or some trouble staying steady on your feet, perhaps it would be alleviated with an ear cleaning!

What Happens during an Earwax Removal Appointment?

Professional earwax removal from Hearing Aid Source begins with a physical inspection of your ears to figure out how severe your earwax impaction is; that way, we can decide the best method of removing the earwax with as little discomfort as possible.

Whether the earwax can be removed via flushing your ears out with warm water, suction or extraction using curettes, we’ll make sure that the earwax is removed safely and without any damage to your ear canal.

Where Can I Get Earwax Removal near Me?

At Hearing Aid Source, we provide earwax removal services that are non-invasive, gentle on your ears and efficient at cleaning your ear canals so you can get back to hearing the life you love without that plugged ears feeling!

If you’re wondering where to get earwax removed that’s close to you, look no further. Please feel free to request a callback to get some more information about earwax removal, including pricing and appointment availabilities.

For those who’d like to book an earwax removal session sooner rather than later, you can call us during working hours at 702 Coxwell Ave. at 416-463-4327 or Parkway Mall at 416-754-4327.

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