Each individual's ear health is as unique as they are. While some might find solace in OTC solutions, others might benefit more from professional cleaning.

Unveiling the Truth about Earwax: Comparing OTC and Professional Earwax Removal Methods

by | Aug 17, 2023 | Earwax, Patient Resources

The labyrinthine world of ear health is as fascinating as it is essential. Central to this universe is earwax, a natural secretion with a vital role.

Earwax is protective, trapping dust and other particles, ensuring our ear canals stay clean and lubricated. However, excessive earwax can sometimes be a nuisance, necessitating its removal.

When it comes to earwax elimination, the spectrum ranges from over-the-counter (OTC) methods to professional cleaning. Let’s delve deeper into these options to help you make the best choice for your auditory well-being.

Over-the-Counter Solutions: The Good and the Not-so-Good


  • Convenience: OTC products are easily available in local pharmacies, letting individuals address earwax issues at their own pace.
  • Cost-Effective: Generally, these solutions tend to be more wallet-friendly when compared to professional services.


  • Not Always Effective: While OTC solutions can work for minor buildups, they might struggle with more tenacious blockages.
  • Potential for Misuse: Without a clear understanding of the product, there's a risk of causing harm, such as pushing the wax further into the ear canal or causing infections.
  • Temporary Relief: These solutions often offer short-term relief, requiring repeated use.

Professional Earwax Removal: An Assurance of Expertise 


  • Precision: Healthcare professionals are trained to address a variety of earwax issues, ensuring the removal is thorough.
  • Safety: Given the sensitive nature of our ears, professional cleaning reduces the risk of injuries or complications.
  • Tailored to Your Needs: Professionals can offer personalized advice, especially important for hearing aid users who might experience increased earwax production.


  • Investment: Professional cleaning might come at a higher price point than OTC solutions.
  • Appointments Required: For those with busy schedules, setting aside time for an appointment might be a challenge.

The Hearing Aid Connection

It’s vital to highlight that wearing hearing aids can stimulate earwax production. This fact underscores the need for routine ear cleaning to ensure the device’s optimal function and your comfort.

At Hearing Aid Source, we recommend regular check-ups for hearing aid users to monitor earwax buildup, device maintenance, and ensure seamless auditory experiences.

Finding Your Balance 

Each individual’s ear health is as unique as they are. While some might find solace in OTC solutions, others might benefit more from professional cleaning, especially when complications arise or if they use hearing aids. The key is awareness and understanding the trade-offs involved in each choice. 

Entrust Your Ears to the Experts at Hearing Aid Source

At Hearing Aid Source, we prioritize your auditory health.

Our team of professionals are well-equipped to address earwax concerns, ensuring your ears remain clean and your hearing devices function at their peak.

For a comprehensive earwax assessment and cleaning, or for hearing aid-related questions, connect with us through our contact page or call us at 416-463-4327.

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Diana Blank, HIS

Diana grew up in Toronto. As our hearing instrument specialist, a typical workday for her includes testing clients’ hearing; counselling clients on their hearing and communication issues; selecting and fitting hearing aids; and cleaning, checking and troubleshooting hearing aids. Diana also performs earwax removal and teaches people how to clean their ears safely. She loves working in an environment where everyone has different strengths. She says everyone supports each other and is free to shine what they best bring to the clinic. Diana has worked in this industry for well over 20 years and says the Hearing Aid Source clinic is the best clinic she has ever been a part of. She notes that she is able to help people in her own way and is even encouraged to! Diana says that being part of a privately owned clinic allows her to always make the best decisions for the clients and not a corporation.

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