Custom Earplugs

Enjoy the Comfort of Custom Earplugs and Earmolds

Have you ever actually tried to put a square peg into a round hole?

If you’ve ever used generic over-the-counter (OTC) earplugs, earbuds or earmolds, then you probably feel like that’s what you’re doing.

Here’s the bottom line:

Generic earmolds and earplugs don’t fit right because everyone’s ears are different. So, they…

… are uncomfortable.

… feel like they’re going to fall out all the time.

… irritate your ears and make them ache.

… fail to provide a solid acoustical or watertight seal.

Custom earmolds and earplugs are the solution for overcoming these challenges.

“Who has custom earmolds or earplugs near me?”

Hearing Aid Source does. We understand the discomfort, irritation and dissatisfaction you experience when you’re using generic OTC earplugs and earmolds, and we’re ready to fit your ears with custom products designed to meet your individual needs.

Custom earplugs and earmolds

Custom Earmolds FAQs

How do you make custom earmolds?

The process of making a custom earmold begins with taking an impression of the outer ear canal of each ear. Traditionally, this has involved a dam in the ear canal and then filling it with the impression material. Once the impression material sets, it is carefully removed, inspected, packaged and shipped away for fabrication.

Since the invention of the earmold impression scanner, the molding process involves using laser scanners to take an impression of your ear, which is rendered using 3D software. Using this technology allows you to have multiple earmolds built from the initial impression, saving time and costs.

What is the advantage of custom earmolds over generic plugs?

Regardless of how they’re used, custom earmolds have several advantages over generic plugs, such as:

  • Secure fit.
  • Better acoustic/watertight seal.
  • Better frequency response to a full range of sounds.
  • Venting to eliminate reverberation inside your ears.
  • Precision-engineered filters for better sound quality.
  • Replaceable filters for different activities.
  • All day wearing comfort.
  • Less skin irritation due to medical-grade silicone construction.
  • Custom fit for each ear.

Can I use custom earplugs for swimming?

Yes. Custom earplugs provide better protection against swimmer’s ear and surfer’s ear because they provide a watertight seal.

Are custom earmolds reusable?

Yes. One of the main advantages of custom earmolds is the fact that they can be used over and over. In fact, some earplugs have replaceable filters so that you can have hearing protection for different activities while using the same pair of earplugs.

Are custom earmolds suitable for children?

Yes. They provide the clearest, most consistent sound quality and protection for children. The most common style used for kids are full-shell earmolds.

How do I clean and maintain my custom earmolds?

For a build up of wax, squeeze the tip of the canal between the thumb and index finger, and then wipe the wax away using a clean, soft cloth. NEVER use alcohol or harsh chemicals; just use mild soapy water and a soft cloth or a face wipe to wipe away debris.

Types of Earmolds and Earplugs to Meet Your Needs

Earmolds for Hearing Aids

An earmold that is shaped to your ear to improve the volume and clarity produced by your hearing aids. Custom earmolds are more comfortable to wear all day, stay in place during daily activity and limit feedback (whistling) issues with hearing aids.

Earmolds for Hearing Aids
Earmolds for Sleeping/Relaxing

Earmolds for Sleeping/Relaxing

Custom sleeper earmolds are less bulky than OTC earplugs, made of a softer medical grade silicone material and are molded to the unique contours of each of your ears. Similar to sleep earplugs, earplugs for noise cancelling are great for relaxing while you travel or in places where the noise around you is a distraction.

Earmolds for Swimming/Surfing

The tighter, more secure seal of custom earmolds for swimming and surfing provide better protection against swimmer’s ear or surfer’s ear, which is caused by water in the ears during water-related sports and activities.

Earmolds for Swimming/Surfing
Communication Earmolds and Personal Earbuds

Communication Earmolds and Personal Earbuds

Worn for an extended period, earmolds for communication devices and personal earbuds need to fit comfortably while providing a level of sound quality that makes sure you don’t miss anything important. They are a better solution than generic earbuds for those who spend a lot of time playing video games, music or other digital electronics.

Musicians Earmolds

Designed to decrease the volume of the music without sacrificing its tonal quality is the objective behind the use of musicians earmolds. Secure fitting and comfortable in-ear monitors allow you to hear the music while you perform while blocking out distracting and damaging noise from the environment around you.
Musicians Earmolds

Earmolds for Hearing Protection

A precise seal in the outer ear canal means that loud noise won’t damage your hearing. The secure and comfortable fit makes it possible to use them all day long for all of the regular activities you love, such as:

  • Earmolds for shooting and hunting.
  • Earmolds for work (e.g., construction, factories, industrial equipment, etc.)
  • Protection for using lawn and garden appliances.
  • Protection when using power tools and chainsaws.
  • Protection for motorsports use (e.g., motorcycles, dune buggies, snowmobiles, etc.)
  • Hearing protection for concerts and sporting events.

Learn More about Custom Earmolds and Earplugs

Used with hearing aids, hearing protection, swimming or to get a good night’s sleep, custom earmolds and earplugs provide the most comfort and most secure fit.

Hearing Aid Source is your source for custom earmolds and earplugs that fit the unique contours of each of your ears for all the activities you love.

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