Hearing Health Journeys


Friendly and eager to help

Reflecting on his hearing loss, Jordan says, “I began realizing I had hearing loss very gradually. It took me several years and more than one test before acknowledging that I could benefit from hearing devices.”

At his first appointment with Hearing Aid Source, Jordan says the team was “friendly and eager to help.” He especially liked how he didn’t feel pressured to make a decision on his new hearing aids right away. “They will let you try different devices out for quite a while before committing,” he says.

Jordan’s new devices have been a success. He shares, “They have made me feel more engaged in social interactions. I was beginning to feel ‘out of it,’ and now I’m back as part of the conversation.”

Rating Hearing Aid Source a 9/10, he advises prospective patients, “I’d encourage you to at least give it a try and experience the difference yourself.”




This is a good place to go.

Herb realized he had a hearing loss when he found himself struggling with conversations.

He recalls, “I did notice I was not hearing everything that was said – by someone in the room or on TV. It became serious to me when I realized how often I needed to ask my wife to repeat herself – and how often I did not ask her to repeat herself because I didn’t want to bother her.”

Prior to his appointment at Hearing Aid Source, Herb admits he felt “a bit of embarrassment that hearing aids would make me seem old and therefore irrelevant. Not much – but it was there.”

Herb was impressed with the team during his visit, saying they were “capable and wanting to help.” He notes that they also have excellent problem-solving skills.

“I had a great deal of trouble getting my hearing aids in and knowing if I had done it correctly,” says Herb. “Edmond fitted me with a device that works perfectly. I know my hearing aids are correctly in place, so if there is a problem, it is with the battery or the wax plug – and I can fix it.”

Overall, he is pleased with his new devices, adding, “I hear what my wife says without having to ask her to repeat.” Herb rates Hearing Aid Source a 9/10 and says, “This is a good place to go.”


Herb Koplowitz


These guys are great!

Nikki’s ears and rock concerts were not a good combination – as she soon found out.

She says, “Years ago, after standing too close to the speakers at an outdoor rock concert, I noticed my hearing felt odd. When it happened again, I realized there might be an issue.”

Prior to visiting Hearing Aid Source, she “thought hearing aids were for ‘old’ people and, because I was so fit and healthy, probably wouldn’t need them.” Nikki adds, “Boy, was I wrong!”

During her appointment, she says the team was “warm, welcoming, fun, attentive, and professional.” Nikki is thrilled with the care and attention she received. Her new hearing aids have also been a hit. “My hearing ‘buddies’ have improved the quality of my life 100%. From the moment I started wearing them, I never looked back and am so grateful to have found Hearing Aid Source!

“The owners and staff are always helpful, will work with my crazy schedule, and make things as easy as possible in every way. Hearing is subjective and they take great pains to listen to my issues and are very flexible in their approach,” she explains.

Nikki gives Hearing Aid Source a 10/10 rating. To anyone considering an appointment, she enthusiastically says, “Run, don’t walk (if you can ;)). These guys are great!”




Make an appointment.

Carol has counted on Hearing Aid Source for a number of years. She noticed her hearing loss “when I was teaching many years ago and could not hear the students at the back, and meetings were exhausting.”

Recalling her first appointment with Hearing Aid Source, she says the team was “friendly” and “tried hard to make it all work well for me.”

Overall, Carol is happy with the care she’s received and says her hearing aids have “improved communication” most of the time. She admits she’s been struggling a bit lately, “but we are working on it.” She appreciates how “they fix and work at it until I am satisfied.”

Rating Hearing Aid Source a 10/10, she encourages others, saying, “Go make an appointment.”


Carol Fine


A caring attitude

When Derrick noticed he had a hearing loss, his initial reaction was that it was “not a big deal” and he figured “I’ll do something about it one day.”

When he decided the time was right, he opted to visit Hearing Aid Source without any concerns, as he had visited them previously. He explains, “I used HAS to clear the wax out of my ears prior to chemotherapy and the service was excellent.”

Once again, Derrick was impressed with the team’s “very professional” and “caring” attitude. He adds, “Diana, my technician, is terrific – very helpful and positive, and available to help anytime.”

Derrick is happy he decided to get his hearing loss treated. “I realized how much I wasn’t hearing before I got the aids,” he says, referring to his new hearing aids.

Rating Hearing Aid Source a 10/10, he encourages others, “Definitely go to HAS – they are excellent, and the staff are wonderful.”


Derrick Pick


Good people to work with.

Norman realized he had a hearing loss when he found himself “unable to hear the TV.” Despite missing out on his favourite TV shows, he “did not want to wear hearing aids.”

However, he soon found himself making an appointment at Hearing Aid Source. He says the team was “very friendly and helpful.” Norman’s comprehensive hearing assessment confirmed that he did have a hearing loss, and hearing aids were prescribed for him.

Despite his initial wariness, Norman is happy with his hearing aids, saying he is “able to hear better.”

He rates Hearing Aid Source a 10/10 and encourages others to make an appointment. “They are good people to work with,” he says. “There is no harm in having your hearing checked. Very nice and helpful people.”


Norman Edmond


Very professional, personable, and friendly

John says that early discussions with his family doctor resulted in him making an appointment with a specialist for a hearing test. He didn’t have any concerns about making an appointment at Hearing Aid Source, as it was “suggested by my son, a former client.”

During his appointment, John was impressed with the “very professional, personable, and friendly” team. His new hearing aids are a great success and “proved that I needed them.” He says they have “made conversation and music very enjoyable.”

John adds that he likes how someone at Hearing Aid Source is “always available with a prompt resolution” when he needs “very quick access for help with problems” or to “repair problems.”

Rating the clinic a 10/10, he concludes, “I certainly would recommend the clinic.”


John Koroniak


Very much impressed

Although he was already a hearing aid wearer, Herbert says he was “unable to hear clearly, making two-way communication difficult, especially under stressful situations.”

Hoping for some improvement in his hearing, Herbert decided to give Hearing Aid Source a try. He shares he didn’t have any concerns prior to his appointment “because a friend highly recommended Edmond’s professional advice and service. Also, I have been wearing hearing aids and have seen a few other hearing aid services before.”

Herbert was “very much impressed by Edmond’s advice.” He explains, “His professionalism is in sharp contrast with the other hearing aid consultants, which helped me to seek his service right after my first visit.”

With his hearing freshly tested and new hearing aids intact, Herbert has experienced “a lot of improvement in almost every aspect, making life much enjoyable, and it widens family and social contacts.” He considers the Hearing Aid Source team to be “friendly professionals willing to offer extra help to serve the public and clients.”

Rating the clinic a 9/10, Herbert hopes others will make an appointment. “I’ve been recommending Edmond to friends who need advice,” he says.


Herbert Lee


Make your appointment now.

Francine’s hearing loss became evident at work “while being in an office environment and taking minutes at a meeting and realizing that I missed a great deal of important items.”

Not wanting to miss out on any crucial information again, she made an appointment at Hearing Aid Source. Francine was a bit anxious about her upcoming appointment but “only because we live one hour away and not being able to get the service I required.”

Any worries were put to rest once Francine arrived at the clinic in Coxwell. She describes her appointment with Edmond and his staff as “fantastic” and says, “The testing was thorough and super informative.”

Francine’s new hearing aids have improved her life “a great deal.” She shares she’s “not missing conversations in a group setting” anymore.

Rating Hearing Aid Source a 10/10, she encourages others, “Don’t wait. Make your appointment now. I’m so glad I made the trip to Toronto.”


Francine Gerson


Polite, helpful, professional

Louis first noticed his hearing loss sixty years ago. He loves visiting Hearing Aid Source and describes the team as “polite, helpful, professional.”

He adds that “the friendliness and helpfulness of the staff and owners” is a highlight for him when he visits.

And as for his hearing aids? “They have helped me tremendously,” he shares.

Rating the clinic a 10/10, Louis says, “I would recommend Hearing Aid Source and have already done so.”


Louis Frankian


Genuine concern

Due to Meniere’s disease, Richard’s hearing had deteriorated to the point where he needed cochlear implants in order to thrive in a world of sound.

He says, “Receiving my Meniere’s diagnosis was the most devastating news I had ever received. The prospect of losing my hearing and that nothing could be done left me feeling lost and not knowing where to turn.

“Once I received my diagnosis, I began to research options and hearing instruments was a temporary solution. I looked carefully at service providers before selecting Hearing Aid Source.”

Recalling his initial impression of the team, he says, “In a word, welcoming. No pressure, genuine concern and willingness to do whatever it took to get the best solution for me. I consider them and the company more than a company or healthcare provider that are part of my extended family.”

Both hearing aids and Richard’s cochlear implants have meant that he can continue to live the life he loves. “Prior to implant surgery, hearing aids made it possible to continue functioning in the world of hearing,” he shares. “Post implant surgery, it has augmented my hearing, making closer to what I remember hearing was like.”

Rating Hearing Aid Source a 10/10, he reassures prospective patients, saying, “You are in capable, caring hands. No hesitation in recommending the company or any of the clinicians.”


Richard Mendonca


I never felt overwhelmed

When Ulli was looking for a hearing health provider she could trust, thankfully her friend suggested Hearing Aid Source.

Ulli says, “I had received a used hearing aid which needed to be tested and adjusted to my needs. I am happy I followed my friend’s glowing recommendation of Edmond at Hearing Aid Source. I was looking for a kind, thorough and unrushed hearing specialist who has patience with seniors like me, getting my first hearing aid.”

Programming the hearing aid to Ulli’s unique requirements, as well as getting used to her new device, was a smooth, stress-free process. She recalls, “Edmond did it all and was able to transfer the existing manufacturer’s warranty to me, the new owner. He patiently introduced me in stages to the use and care of the new-to-me device. I never felt overwhelmed.”

Delighted with her experience at Hearing Aid Source and Edmond, Ulli says, “I am more than satisfied and delighted to recommend him.” She also was impressed with “the beautifully landscaped garden you pass on the way to the front door,” calling it “a bonus” each time she visits.


Ulli Hastings


It was Great Experience with Edmond

Janet had the pleasure of meeting Edmond this morning, and “I must say, his insights were truly eye-opening.” Edmond’s explanation of how people display body language when they’re struggling with hearing loss, the fears they may be secretly harboring, and the incredible transformation that occurs when they finally try hearing aids was nothing short of enlightening. Thanks to Edmond, “I found the courage to take that crucial step towards regaining my hearing, and the results have been life-changing.”


Janet R


100% recommend

Abigail knew her ears needed cleaning, but a previous experience with earwax removal prevented her from seeking help.

She explains, “I’ve had a bad and painful experience with getting my ears cleaned in the past and it made me procrastinate getting it done for years.”

Fortunately, her visit to Hearing Aid Source put Abigail at ease. She says she “could not have asked for a better experience here!” Recalling her appointment, Abigail adds, “Memori was so gentle and talked me through the entire process.”

With her ears wax-free and her hearing improved, Abigail says she would “100% recommend” Hearing Aid Source to others. “They’ll treat you like family there!” she concludes.


Abigail Santos


Super gentle

When your ears are blocked with earwax, muffled hearing is no fun and you want relief fast.

Emmanuel knows this all too well.

He says he “had trouble hearing due to earwax buildup” and was thrilled when Hearing Aid Source was “able to get me an appointment the next day.”

Emmanual notes, “They were super gentle with the removal and educational with the tools. Staff is very friendly. Memori did a great job.”

He considers Hearing Aid Source “life savers” and highly recommends them to others. But as for his own hearing care, Emmanual adds, “They will definitely…HEAR from me again!”


Emmanuel Santos