Andre Ayvazyan BAS HIS

Andre Ayvazyan, BAS, HIS, clinician and clinic lead at Hearing Aid Source
Hearing Instrument Specialist

Andre grew up in Toronto and attended York University, George Brown College and Conestoga College. He works at Hearing Aid Source as a clinician and clinic lead.

Each day, Andre strives to build relationships with clients; identify and create treatment plans for hearing loss; implement treatment plans that are best suited to the individual client; repair and perform maintenance on hearing aids; perform earwax removal; and help other clinicians and the front office staff to further develop their skills.

Andre’s favourite part about working with the Hearing Aid Source team is the family feeling of the team. He also loves helping people solve issues that come from not being able to hear.

His favourite personal success story is of a client from Bradford, Ontario. The man and his wife came to Hearing Aid Source after having purchased hearing aids from their local clinic many years ago. Those hearing aids never really provided any benefit to the man.

After spending some time asking specific questions to identify the issues, as well as doing a hearing test, Andre was able to refit the client with his current hearing aids, and this made a real difference in his life as well as the life of his wife and family.

The client probably drove past 30 clinics to get to Hearing Aid Source who finally helped him. The couple called back several days later and expressed their deep gratitude for having helped them.

Andre is married with two children, an 8-year-old daughter and a 5-year-old son. He enjoys spending time with them outside of work. He likes giving them experiences to help them develop as good kids who will grow up to do great things. Andre also enjoys a good summer’s day barbeque with family, friends and delicious food. He loves spending time outdoors and exploring new places (either local or abroad).

If You Could Have Dinner With One Person (Dead Or Alive), Who Would It Be?

My grandparents. I would give anything to spend another moment with them.

What Is Your Favourite Sports Team?

I enjoy watching soccer, but I don't have a favourite team in soccer. Favourite team would be in rugby. I like the All Blacks from New Zealand.

What Is Your Favourite Food?

It’s a tossup between a slice of New York pizza or some barbequed meats.

If You Could Travel Anywhere In The World, Where Would You Go?

A safari trek through Kenya and Tanzania is on my bucket list.

What's Your All-time Favourite TV Show/series?

I enjoy Seinfeld. The last time Edmond and I went to New York, we walked about 60 blocks to get to the diner. Of course, we had to stop several times to enjoy slices of pizza on the way there.

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